Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Waves Ashore

It's funny how you can forget how strong the pull of a wave on the beach is, or how cold that first shock of water is when you dip in that first toe or foot, and heaven forbid the shock if you go in slowly and it finally reaches your warm core. I find I am slow to go in if everyone else rushes in, but rush in myself when everyone else is screaching and carrying on about how cold it is. I was standing on the beach in Destin, Florida last week (see picture) and my foot was shifting further and further down into the sand. I wondered how long it would take to bury a person, if that was possible, just standing there and not resisting the downward tug of the waves and sand. I walked along the beach and let my footprints be washed away by the waves. There's something nice in being able to leave no trace of your passing. It also makes you stop and think about how small you are, how little effect you have on the continuous processes of our planet.