Sunday, June 17, 2007

Post This

Just need to vent a little bit. The weather is great and I don't feel like enjoying it. I'm here inside avoiding doing anything useful or fun or whatever. Instead I'm fooling around online. Maybe I haven't been getting enough "me" time? I don't know.


erieblue said...

Sometimes I can't bear the thought of going out (not too often). About me time--one of my happiest memories as a young mother was when Grandma and Grandpa would come over and babysit for Katie for 2 or 3 hours. I would take the bus downtown and meet Mary for lunch or go to the library (and OK I still smoked then, I'd smoke). Being alone, not being attentive to someone else was exactly what I needed.

lucette said...

Next time I come down we should plan in some me time for you and for Sue--time when you're not going to go to work or do errands or anything not-me-ish.