Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Me

It is my 14th wedding anniversary today. It seems so hard to beleive that someone who never thought they would get married has been married for fourteen years. I can still remeber that day very clearly. At this time I would have been upstairs at my in-laws house getting ready and looking out the window as chairs are being wiped down (from the very light rain shower) and the few early people start arriving. My mothers, my sisters, my cousin and I are all laughing and taking pictures and sneaking little bits of food here and there. The day seemed to pass so quickly. I remeber walking around the porch and down the aisle with my father. I remember looking at my soon to be husband as we stood in front of friends and family as sweat poured down his face (it was already getting hot, even in the morning.) I remember my mother reading a poem and trying not to cry. I remember my sister-in-law holding my little neice in her arms. I remember my Grandma and Grandpa and all of my family smiling in the sun. I remember watching my sisters and cousin walking back up the aisle to the porch, then all of standing in line as everyone passed through. I couldn't stop smiling. I don't remember all of the words that were spoken, but I remember all of the love and support. It's amazing I can remember it so well after so many years.


lucette said...

I remember it all vividly, too. Do you remember you and me and S lying on the bed in your house the day before? and all of us looking in the mirror of the bedroom upstairs at J and K's house? Rbt taking part of the videos?

erieblue said...

I remember (of course) the mini-muffins!! And finding the place where you lived at the time and your mother answering the door all dripping with food prep. I remember the music when you were processing (one piece was something Katie had played on the violin)and how lovely the wedding was outside at your in-laws' house. I remmeber how beautiful you looked, and all the girls and how you'd picked everything out on the same day at the Columbus mall. Of course, there's the funny story of how on the way there R sat in the very back of this very large van we'd borrowed and said how it was hot, unbearably hot, so very hot. Then on the way home (when he was sitting somewhere else) we discovered there was a separate AC control for that part of the van. (I guess R wouldn't think that was funny.)