Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cleaning House with Goals

I just started reviewing my life goals. It seems like some of the things were out of date -- like start a family (my son is 2 and half) and some things were completed long ago. I think I updated my goals at one point, but they must not have made it to the current goals file I can find. I think it's important to have goals, but they so often seem to get lost in the every day living of life. Which is more important -- moving in the "right" direction towards the future, or just living your life as it comes? I can see that on my list there were many things I did, many things that I thought were important, but didn't do, and then a whole host of things that didn't get done, but are still on the list. Now I have to sort out in mind these goals and how they fit the current me. Maybe I need to clean house, like on all those home improvement shows -- I have to go through each goal and see if I should "KEEP" "DISCARD" or "SELL" it. I'm not sure what the equivalent of selling your goal would be, but I could certainly use the keep and discard piles. That makes a nice mental picture -- going through your goals and heaping them into piles by whether we should keep them or not. On all of those shows after you think you have your keep pile, they make you go through it again and get rid of most of the stuff you thought you should keep. Interesting thought for goals. Maybe I will need an outside party to look through my goals with me and see if I'm keeping them for sentimental reasons or just want to have it so I feel important. I'm usually pretty good and paring down my physical resources, but I think I will have a tougher time on the goals front.


lucette said...

Maybe we can have a goal-trading party--pass on our old unwanted or accomplished goals to someone who will take them home and love them.

erieblue said...

Your mother and I sometimes make goals for each other. (I don't know if we ever followed up to see if we did them.) About thinking goals or living life--I think if we examine our life sometimes that helps the behind the scene unconscious "thinking" we do during our everyday lives, so that sometimes we appear to be moving towards our goals without specifically thinking about them.